Frequently Asked Questions

What is this game about?

Renegade Speed is an exciting car driving simulator game. You can drive for unlimited time in this game.

What should I do in the game?

Your main task is to drive your car through the busy traffic and overtake other vehicles. The speedier the overtake is the more points you get. You also earn point by taking risky overtakes. I.e. overtaking with close proximity.

How do I control the direction of my car?

There are two ways you can control the direction of the car. In the settings option you can either choose from GYRO or Touch Screen mode to control the direction.

Are there options for me to customize the car?

Yes, there are plenty of options to customize your car with variety of colors. All you have to do is go to the Garage and touch the color you wish to customize into.

Can I change the environment of the game?

There are three different beautiful environments for you to choose from.

Are there any in-app purchases in the game?

Yes, you can purchase coins for this game. You can find the option to buy coins on the home of the game.

What do I do with the in-app purchases?

When you buy coins, you can unlock new exciting cars for yourself as well as update the Speed, Handling and Brake of those cars.

Can I play offline?

Yes, you can play offline.

Is there multiplayer option in the game?

Renegade speed is not a racing game against other players. Therefore, there is no multiplayer option available.

Can I play in multiple devices?

Since this game doesn’t have option to create personal profiles, you cannot play on multiple devices.

Are there any other games I would be interested into?

We have many other games at your disposal in our Google Play Store channel. Please visit the GagaGugu Games channel in the play store or press the More Games button in the game homepage.

Is your game crashing at launch?

If your game is crashing at launch on your handset please note that we are onto this problem and are currently investigating the reasons behind the crashing. You might thus benefit from updating your game to the latest version in your app store. If the crashing persists, we are sincerely sorry for the inconvenience and hope you can hang in there until we deliver a solution. However, it is highly recommended that you send us an email at for further support.

I didn’t receive my in-app purchase. What to do now?

In case you have not received your purchase, please send us a support inquiry at and we will certainly assist you further and take care of delivering the items to your game. Please include a screenshot of your order number (Google Play) to your message.

I have reinstalled my app by did not get the purchases I made before.

If you already have made any purchases before but after reinstalling those did not come back then we suggest you to press the Restore Purchase button on the homepage of the game. We will examine your account and restore your in-app purchase as soon as possible.

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