Frequently Asked Questions

What is this game about?

GG Bluff Online is a beautiful casino multiplayer game.

What should I do in the game?

The aim is to get rid of all your cards by playing them to a discard pile. Since cards are played face down, giving players the option to lie about the cards they are playing, but if the lie is exposed they must pick up the pile. Remember the good old fun of tricking in cards?

There are several rules to play this game (slightly different from each other). But for now, we will follow the following rules.

Rules of this version:

  • The player starting each round can chose the rank of the current round.
  • Player can challenge only when its his/her turn.
  • A Player can challenge only the last player played before his/her turn came.

How can I level up as a player?

As you play and bluff the other players you can earn coins and chips. This way you can level up as player. Again, you can buy those chips and coins by paying online. This will also increase your level in the game. You can also earn free chips by watching videos on the home page and get daily rewards for playing!

Can I play offline? Does the game require an Internet connection?

This casino game is meant to play online always. Since you are playing with other players. So you will need internet connection.

Can I play on multiple devices?

No, you cannot play on multiple devices with one profile since we have not included the system of sign in.

Are there any in app purchases in this game?

Yes, there are in app purchases in the game. 

What are the additional features in the game?

The most interesting feature of the game is that you can play online as well as solo. To play solo game you do not need the internet connection. There is another option to try your luck by spinning wheel and slot machine. You can earn a lot by playing them too!

I didn’t receive my in-app purchase. What to do now?

In case you have not received your purchase, please send us a support inquiry at and we will certainly assist you further and take care of delivering the items to your game. Please include a screenshot of your order number (Google Play) to your message.

Is your game crashing at launch?

If your game is crashing at launch on your handset please note that we are onto this problem and are currently investigating the reasons behind the crashing. You might thus benefit from updating your game to the latest version in your app store. If the crashing persists, we are sincerely sorry for the inconvenience and hope you can hang in there until we deliver a solution. However it is highly recommended that you send us an email at for further support.

Are there any other games I would be interested into?

We have many other games at your disposal in our Google Play Store channel. Please visit the GagaGugu Games channel in the play store or press the gaming console button in the game homepage.

I have reinstalled my app by did not get the purchases I made before.

If you already have made any purchases before but after reinstalling those did not come back then we suggest you to press the Restore Purchase button on the homepage of the game. We will examine your account and restore your in-app purchase as soon as possible.

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