Frequently Asked Questions

What is this game about?

This is a puzzle game of mix and match. A gamer earns many points by moving the emojis and travel far lands. Cross as many levels as possible!

What should I do in the game?

Guess the emojis, switch the myriad faces and make chain for more than three horizontally or vertically and get emojis with extra powers. You can also achieve ninja emojis to cut through them crisscross way. Thus you earn your points.

How can I level up as a player?

There are multiple types of emojis in the game. Swipe the same faced emojis to bring them together. Making a straight line with at least 3 emojis will break the bond and bring new emojis. As you continue all the emojis are completed and you go to the next level. There are 99+ levels in this game and all totally free for you!

I have reinstalled my app by did not get the purchases I made before.

If you already have made any purchases before but after reinstalling those did not come back then we suggest you to press the Restore Purchase button on the homepage of the game. We will examine your account and restore your in-app purchase as soon as possible.

Are there any other games I would be interested into?

We have a More Games button on the game’s homepage. If your press it we will take you to our Playstore channel. We have many other games there that you would surely love.

Can I play offline? Does the game require an Internet connection?

Of course you can play offline. This game does not require you to be online while playing.

Can I play on multiple devices?

No. You cannot play on multiple devices.

Is your game crashing at launch?

If your game is crashing at launch on your handset please note that we are onto this problem and are currently investigating the reasons behind the crashing. You might thus benefit from updating your game to the latest version in your app store. If the crashing persists, we are sincerely sorry for the inconvenience and hope you can hang in there until we deliver a solution. However it is highly recommended that you send us an email at for further support.

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