Earn point, protect Mr fingers, avoid monster attack & survive by fast fingers.
Mr fingers dance adventure!

Genre: Arcade

Platform: Android

Play this awesome fast game of mmm fingers where you can finger dance all you want. Protect your fingers from the monsters by touch and hold but don’t lift your fingers. Just put your finger on the screen and see the magic! Monsters will start coming towards you, so protect your finger from them. Don’t experience finger hurting. Fast fingers will win more points!

Don’t let the thumbs up! Your fingers become thumbs with the monster attack! Survive as long as you can and don’t let them cut the finger. This mmm fingers game is so addictive that you don’t lift your fingers!

Mr Finger dance all you want with monster attack and protect your fingers.

Features of Mr fingers includes:

New monsters!

New challenge mode!

Easy to use one-touch portrait game-play

Having a lot of fun

Best time killer game having monsters

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