Have fun with word connect by word search to make it chain with crosswords!

Make It Chain

Genre: Word, Trivia

Platform: Android & iOS

Make it chain is an amazing educational game where you can make meaningful word from letters in the page.

It is a type of crossword game with the blockheads. The puzzles are fun and challenging for your brain. From the list of word search you have to solve the puzzle by connecting the letters, dragging your fingers through them. This crossword puzzle game is so much fun to play with that you will forget time. Challenge your brain with this puzzle game!

The game and instructions are simple. There are three difficulty levels for you. So you can challenge your brain according to your ability. Besides there are three different gaming modes too. Set the timer on for maximum fun!

There are ten categories of words you can play with. They are ANIMALS, EDUCATION, BUSINESS, EMOTIONS, TECHNOLOGY, FOOD, MATHEMATICS, PIRATES, SPORTS and WEATHER. You will be amazed at how many new words you will be able to learn. So, start playing right away!

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