Tricky steps to became the Bluff Master with FREE Multiplayer GG Bluff online.
GG Bluff Online

Genre: Casino

Platform: Android & iOS

Join the world’s most popular GG Bluff Multiplayer Game and play live with thousands of real players. Playing GG Bluff online with friends, family, and millions of players worldwide has never been easier!


The aim is to get rid of all your cards by playing them to a discard pile. Since cards are played face down, giving players the option to lie about the cards they are playing, but if the lie is exposed they must pick up the pile. Remember the good old fun of tricking in cards?


There are several rules to play this game (slightly different from each other). But for now we will follow the following rules.

Rules of this version:
  1. The player starting each round can chose the rank of the current round.
  2. Player can challenge only when its his/her turn.
  3. A Player can challenge only the last player played before his/her turn came.
Features of GG Bluff:

Brush up your skills in Single Player mode against AI

Wide range of in-game chat to help socialize and have fun

Play and earn free daily bonus

Play mini games and earn free bonus

Easy step by step tutorial to breeze you through

For a complete set of rules please check the help section inside the game. Soon we will add the other rule variants of the game and user can chose which rule to play.

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